Complimentary Services
  • Do you have an important event around the corner, such as a wedding, an interview, or a family reunion? We offer a complimentary tooth polishing to give your smile that special glimmer.
  • Did you bleach your teeth using one of our custom made bleaching trays, but due to a new dental restoration we placed, it no longer fits as well? We will fabricate a new bleaching tray for you at no charge.
  • Are you having a difficult time cleaning your removable dental prosthesis (denture or partial denture) or night guard at home? Bring it in at any time and we will be glad to place it into our ultrasonic cleaner to give it a professional cleaning.
  • Have you ever wondered what you would look like with a different smile, or that space closed between your teeth? We offer computer video imaging to our patients at no charge to show you how the "new you" would look, before any treatment is started.
  • Are you a candidate for the latest development in orthodontics? Invisalign evaluations are offered at no charge.
  • Undergoing head and neck radiation therapy can be destructive to vital salivary glands. Without sufficient salivary flow, the decay rate increases dramatically. Fluoride applications have been proven to strengthen teeth to resist this increase in decay rate. We offer complimentary fluoride carriers to any individual, whether our patient or not, who has completed radiation therapy.
  • "Toothprints" are offered at no charge to our child patients as a means to identify them should the need arise. They simply bite into a soft wafer, which hardens in their mouths. It is then placed into a bag with their name and date. Their tooth positions, DNA in their saliva, and scent are all preserved for future reference.
  • Need to contact your home or office while waiting for an appointment? A telephone for our patients’ use is available in the reception area.

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In this fast paced world, we frequently make snap judgements. Your smile says so much about you in so little time. Does it project the proper image? Can you benefit from dental implants, porcelain veneers, tooth bleaching, bonding, crowns, or several other esthetic dental procedures? An attractive smile can be your biggest asset. Let it show what a successful person you truly are or hope to be. We have been on the cutting edge of cosmetic dentistry since 1976. Let us help you to benefit from our expertise and vast experience.