DIAGNOdent Laser Diagnosis

Diagnodent is a new laser which finds hard-to-spot areas of tooth decay that traditional means of diagnosis, such and x-rays and intra-oral probing, often miss.  It shines a laser beam 2.5mm down into the tooth, and that light reflects back toward the probe tip.  If decay is present, there is a change in the wavelength and an audible as well as a digital signal will inform you of the severity of the decay.  Using a scale from 0 to 99, we are able to diagnose decay in its very early stages, and determine by the amount of light that the decay (which is fluorescent) reflects back whether or not treatment is indicated.  By early detection, we can very often remove decay without the need for local anesthetic.   As pictured below, the typical dental pick (explorer) can only penetrate minimally into the tooth, while the laser light can comfortably penetrate to the deep, hidden areas of decay.  Relying on traditional means of caries detection too often results in extensive dental treatment such as root canals or crowns.  With Diagnodent, we are minimizing your dental expenses, discomfort, and valuable time.

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