For Your Comfort

In Reception Area

  • Soothing waterfall
  • Cable television
  • Coffee, tea, bottled water, juice and snacks served to waiting patients or waiting family members
  • Wide assortment of the most current and interesting magazines
  • Children's area including books and "quiet" toys

In Treatment Rooms

  • Stereo headphones with an IPod containing a wide variety of musical favorites
  • VCR Movies viewed on a 20" screen with headphones for private listening
  • Visual relaxation with cable television (personal headphones and remote available). Choose from over 70 channels
  • One-on-one personalized care
  • Blankets and pillows available
  • Relaxed and never-rushed atmosphere
  • "Pause button" attached to each patient chair to allow you to audibly signal when you need to take a break during treatment.
  • Every patient chair is equipped with a "Body Masseur" full body massage pad with heater.  You will control the areas and intensity of the massage with a hand held control unit.
  • Ceiling art-Beautiful original artwork painted on ceiling panels

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In this fast paced world, we frequently make snap judgements. Your smile says so much about you in so little time. Does it project the proper image? Can you benefit from dental implants, porcelain veneers, tooth bleaching, bonding, crowns, or several other esthetic dental procedures? An attractive smile can be your biggest asset. Let it show what a successful person you truly are or hope to be. We have been on the cutting edge of cosmetic dentistry since 1976. Let us help you to benefit from our expertise and vast experience.