Porcelain Inlays
The broken down silver/mercury amalgams have lost their usefulness. They have been replaced with tooth colored, bonded porcelain inlay restorations. Not only is this restoration more esthetic and natural looking, but it will also add support and longevity to the weak remaining tooth structure. This type of restoration requires two visits to complete, as an inlay is fabricated in a dental laboratory under the close scrutiny of a Certified Dental Lab Technician.


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In this fast paced world, we frequently make snap judgements. Your smile says so much about you in so little time. Does it project the proper image? Can you benefit from dental implants, porcelain veneers, tooth bleaching, bonding, crowns, or several other esthetic dental procedures? An attractive smile can be your biggest asset. Let it show what a successful person you truly are or hope to be. We have been on the cutting edge of cosmetic dentistry since 1976. Let us help you to benefit from our expertise and vast experience.